The campus is located at the western tip of the Malabar Cost, Kannur Dist., State of Kerala, bordering with Karnataka-Kerala High way, MAHE (districts of Pondicherry State), Kasaragod and Wayanad and is in close proximity of major cities of Kannur, Talasseri, Koothuparamba, and Mahe. The campus spans an area of 218 Acres of single piece of Lush green single plot of contiguous landed property at Anjarakandi, Kannur Dist, located just 10 km from the upcoming Kannur Airport, 15 km each from two Railway stations/ major cities of Talasseri & Kannur and is serviced by all forms of Public Transport. A Fresh water River is flows through the main campus to the east, Kannur Airport to the north-west, highway to the north. This represents the location of the administrative and educational core of the proposed Malabar Institute of Technology at Anjarakandi, Kannur Dist. The history of the proposed land dates back to 1877, formerly owned by East India Company and is the First registered Landed property in Kerala (See Kerala Government web site for Land Register) with a banglaw built in 1897 is being renovated to its old glory.

Cinnamon Green Belt

Anjarakandy Cinnamon Estate is one of the largest in Asia, the estate was established in 1767 by the East India Company. Originally the Anjarakandy Cinnamon Estate was a mixed plantation of cinnamon, pepper, cloves, nutmeg and other spices but today it specializes in cinnamon and the oil that is extracted.Visitors to Anjarakandy Cinnamon Estate can watch the process for preparing the cinnamon spice and extracting the oil for perfume.

Kannur, the city of Lors & Looms is a land where myth and history blend harmoniously into a glorious past. Like Kodungalore and Quilon, the two historical places of Kerala, Kannur too was well known to the outside world from ancient times for its spices trade. The ancient Romans sent regular fleets from the Red sea to Kerala to trade for spices such as black pepper, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon. In the 13th century AD, Marco Polo, the celebrated traveler, referred to Kannur as a port of strategic importance on the western coast of India. During the British rule in India, Kannur was anglicized to ‘Cannanore’. It is believed that Friar Jordanus, a Portuguese priest was the first to call the place ’Cannanore’. The present day Kannur is an important coastal district of Northern Kerala. It has the largest coastal area (152km) of all the districts in Kerala. This is one fourth of the total length of the Kerala coast. Large groves of coconut palms and small and big water reservoirs adorn the coastal belt of Kannur. Nineteen of the forty four rivers of Kerala flow through Kannur. Kannur district is surrounded by Kasaragod, Wayanad, Mahe and Kozhikode districts.

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