The Department of Anatomy was established during August 2006 in Kannur Medical College, Anjarakandi, It provides teaching facility for 1st Year MBBS, 1st Year BDS and B Sc Nursing courses.
It is well equipped with a full ledged museum, Histology Practical Laboratory and dissection hall for gross human anatomy practicals Museum contains 150 specimens, 100 models, charts and 25 bone sets. In the Histology laboratory enlarged colored photographs showing the Micro Anatomy of all the tissues & organs of the human body are displayed to help the learning of the subject.
In gross Anatomy Hall, There is facility for embalming of Human cadavers for use in the dissection practicals for use in the dissection practicals. There is cold storage facility for preserving the embalmed cadavers. Charts of defected regions of the body are displayed on the walls Radiological Anatomy & surface Anatomy are alsotaught in thedissection hall Band saw Machine is available for preparing specimen for The Museum Tech & non Teaching staff of the department strive hard to provide excellent servicein the teaching activities and the day to day working of the department.